Can you feel it? Catch a Island Vibe with us

Our Seafood Oil

Our delicious Seafood Boil! It has lobster, prawns, and mussels.. Cooked in a buttery jerk borth served with crispy bread for dipping. Using our All Purpose Seasoning and Jerk Marinade for tasty island flavours.

Fried Chicken Plate

Our yummy Fried Chicken, double coated crispy fried chicken thighs, with our seasoned fries and with out house coleslaw.. Topped with Honey and Garlic mayo and Junkanoo Poison. Using All Purpose on chicken thighs, Boom Shakka Lakka seasoning on our chips and Junkanoo Poison for an extra tasty flavour.

Jerk Pork Belly

Our Smoky Pork Belly! Marinated in our Jerk and All Purpose then slow smoked for five hours... Grilled until crispy, then smothered in our Hummingbird Sauce.